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Biggles Avatar
Biggles: Sounds like you guys had a ball. Damn, I wish my inheritance check had come a little earlier. Nov 7, 2014 20:46:30 GMT -5
StanDup Avatar
StanDup: Have fun all those going to tonight's show in New Jersey. Last one before headed off to Europe-should be a good one. Nov 10, 2014 16:21:33 GMT -5
TM Avatar
TM: It was a fun two weeks seeing friends and making new ones. And while I wasn't a big fan of HE, I have to admit I find myself humming it a lot lately. 8-) Nov 11, 2014 16:18:54 GMT -5
Tulltapes Avatar
Tulltapes: Just want to say it was very cool to finally meet you guys face to face. Paul, Jeff, and Dan.. Sorry Holly couldn't make it to Huntington but it's understandable with the baby etc.. Hope to meet again sometime. Nov 16, 2014 14:15:38 GMT -5
Dan Avatar
Dan: Thanks ,Erin. I've been a big admirer of your YouTube videos for years and glad to have met you also and enjoyed watching you play with Shuffling Madness! Nov 16, 2014 15:02:38 GMT -5
TM Avatar
TM: Hey Erin, it was great to finally meet you and see your band! I've admired your Tull videos as well as your guitar playing for years. Nov 18, 2014 10:38:34 GMT -5
Cody Avatar
Cody: Just wanted to stop in and say "hey guys" It was great seeing you in Huntington a few weeks ago, really fun. Dan it was really good to meet you! I also missed seeing Holly, thought she'd be there. Over all a great weekend. Dec 3, 2014 12:05:57 GMT -5
Dan Avatar
Dan: Thank you , same here. It was almost a shame that there was TOO much going on that we couldn't have hung out more. Easier for us on the East Coast to get together and I hope that wasn't the last convention. Holly was missed. Dec 3, 2014 16:42:04 GMT -5
jgip Avatar
jgip: When Ian sang " got 12 good men now the gangs all here " from Wild Child what was on the screen behind the stage???? No prize but the fact that you were paying attention Dec 4, 2014 3:27:28 GMT -5
nigelturnpin Avatar
nigelturnpin: Yes I agree Holly was missed, but I did get her a swag bag and some extra goodies to go along with it.. :).. Hi folks Dec 6, 2014 15:35:23 GMT -5 *
Quizz Avatar
Quizz: Evening all, just thought I'd pop by and say Good Evening, wish you all well and say it was good to meet up in Huntington! Dec 6, 2014 19:44:11 GMT -5
TM Avatar
TM: Hey folks. Nice seeing you all again at the Convention and nice to see you stop by. 8-) Dec 8, 2014 12:05:51 GMT -5
Warchild Avatar
Warchild: Nice to see so many smiling faces. Dec 9, 2014 21:00:52 GMT -5
TM Avatar
TM: Said the Minstrel in the Gallery. Dec 9, 2014 22:07:38 GMT -5
Michael Crowe Avatar
Michael Crowe: No, don't mind me, just stopped in to pick up the mail. Anyone seen my reading glasses? If I don't see you before Easter, go ahead and hide the eggs. Dec 11, 2014 2:31:47 GMT -5
Dan Avatar
Dan: Merry Christmas and Happy Easter , Michael Crowe! Dec 12, 2014 1:11:50 GMT -5
Michael Crowe Avatar
Michael Crowe: Thanks Danno, same to you, oh, and the happiest of new years. Will be toasting you all with a muskadine wine this new year's eve. Been on a muskie wine kick of late. I think my chemistry is changing. Dec 12, 2014 1:47:52 GMT -5
Chea Avatar
Chea: Hi to all. I just want to greet and wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year. It's a bit early I know, but we're almost leaving dweenieand I would be difficult to greet you later (network problems). See you soon!! :) Dec 18, 2014 7:38:15 GMT -5
TM Avatar
TM: Hi Chea, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I still have your package sitting on my desk! ??? ??? Dec 18, 2014 17:26:55 GMT -5
Chea Avatar
Chea: See you soon boys, in the new year ! :) Dec 19, 2014 9:10:59 GMT -5